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"I'm not sleepy," said Roger. "I wasn't looking. You can be wide awake, and not see a thing when you aren't looking."
Arthur Ransome, Swallows and Amazons

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2000ad, adventures, angel the series, angelina/parvati, angelo espinosa, apple turnovers, apples, asian cinema, asterix, bbc radio comedy, beat takeshi, being jumpy, being secretly judgey, blake's 7, brashen and burrich, britney spears actually, buffy the vampire slayer, c.s. lewis, cadbury's dairy milk, catullus, children's books, chloe sullivan, chrestomanci, chris bachalo, clex, clouds, comics, cooking, cordelia chase, csi, dennis rickman, diana wynne jones, disney, doctor who, dorrie the little witch, durham red, dying earth, eastenders, emotional overinvolvement in tv, fanfic, felix gaeta, feminism, femslash, films, fireworks, fitz and the fool, fruit, gael monfils, gary barlow, generation x, glow-in-the-dark stuff, green wing, halo jones, happy endings, harry harrison, harry potter, hating long-haul flights, hermione granger, hignfy, history, horace, hot cross buns, how to become king, howard donald, ian hislop, jack vance, james ellroy, jason orange, jayne cobb, jelena jankovic, jim mahfood, john humphrys, jubilee, judge anderson, just a minute, kelis, kingdom of loathing, kneeling before zod, krycek, kurt vonnegut, latin, lex luthor, lex's violent side, lex-as-zod, lyonesse, marcus brigstocke, margaret mahy, mark buckingham, mark owen, mark philippoussis, marlon brando, michael rosenbaum, michelle rodriguez, mix cds, morally ambiguous characters, mud2, mulan, musicals, mutya buena pole-dancing, n.e.r.d, new england patriots, nice dreams, nicholas fisk, nikolai dante, nobuta power, nobuta+shuji+akira=♥, old school sci-fi, outdoorsy people, ovid, parallel universes, paul merton, praline flakes, presents, queen, radio 4, retail therapy, rocket dog shoes, rogue trooper, scifi, slash, smallville, strangers in paradise, sunsets, swallows and amazons, take that, tenar, the now show, the today programme, the vestrits, the x files, tiff, tim burton, tony leung chiu wai, topshop, torchwood, travelling, ursula le guin, ust, vidding, weather, wimbledon, worrying unnecessarily, x-men, yamashita tomohisa
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